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Fashion doesn't stop at the hips. It begins at your feet...

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Toe Ring Party

Would you like to receive FREE merchandise? Host a Toe Ring Party! A unique and fun way for friends and families to come together and all get custom Fitted
for the PERFECT Toe Ring. We offer a wide variety of hard to find, elegant toe rings that you will NOT see anywhere else! Its super easy, we come up with a mutually convenient date and time, you provide the location (home, club house, office or alike), I send you info for you to text, email or FB invite your guest,
and we have the party! I ask that you invite minimum 10 or more. Parties usually only last 1-2 hours depending upon number of guest. Your gift; 10% of party
sales. You must live in the Kentuckiana area. For parties outside of a 30 mile radius, simply call or text for more details!
Call to book your Toe Ring Party Today!